Plumbing Maintenance Agreement

Here’s a trick question, so stay with us.?

What’s the best kind of plumbing repair?  Give up?  Okay, the correct answer is “no plumbing repair at all.”  You know, the kind that costs you nothing.  And while we can’t guarantee that for life, there’s plenty we can do to keep repairs at a minimum and help your plumbing last longer.

What’s the secret?  No secret – it’s all about our PlumbCare Savings Club. Once you enroll for one low annual membership fee, you’ll reap a whirlwind of benefits.

First and foremost, you’ll be entitled to one whole-house plumbing inspection per year.  We ensure your plumbing is working as well and safely as possible. And, should we spot a small repair issue in the making, we’ll recommend the best way to address it before the problem grows worse.

Here’s what else your membership in the PlumbCare Savings Club entitles you to:

  • 10% savings on all other Plumbtastic services, repairs, and new installations
  • Priority scheduling
  • Reduced fees for after-hours service calls
  • No diagnostic fees

Still, we’ve save the #1 benefit of our PlumbCare Savings Club for last: your added peace of mind.

Call today for all the details…we can even enroll you over the phone. Or, ask your Plumbtastic plumber for more information the next time he’s in your home.

The PlumbCare Savings Club. It’s the most Plumbtastic way to save money on home plumbing care

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