5 Simple Ways to Beautify Your Home

What kind of visual beauty do you appreciate most and where do you go to find it? Most agree that you shouldn’t have to look any farther than your home. Not that a little variety isn’t a great thing – like a day at the beach or walk through a forest – but your home can excite the senses, too.

Does yours? If not, or not enough, here are a few simple ways to spice things up.

Buy it some bling. A new light fixture, framed mirror, or a piece of artwork can quickly transform a room.

Bring home nature. Add vitality and beauty to your space with a living gallery wall, whereby plant life becomes a work of art. Known as a vertical garden, there are many ways to go about it, whether it’s affixing planters in a pattern to your wall or hanging a flat panel of succulents and moss and bordering it with a picture frame.    

Add some accessories. Even if you don’t have the budget for new furnishings, you can still give a tired sofa or chair new life with a plush throw or vibrant pillows. Add new curtain panels or an area rug, mix in some new decorative pieces on the mantle, or hang a handsome print or two on your walls.  Then, just sit back and enjoy. 

Music in the air.  Try hanging wind chimes on your deck or patio. There’s something so pleasant about hearing this sound drifting through an open window on a lazy summer afternoon. It can even relieve some of the stress you might feel as a storm approaches.  

Repurpose on purpose. You may already have items in storage that can add charm, convenience, and pleasant memories throughout your home.  Like your favorite seashells, an antique jewelry case, vintage older family portraits that can easily be reframed, and more.

Plumbing can add zest to the look of your interior, too, especially in your kitchen or bath. From new faucets to countertop sinks, replacing your tub with shower enclosure – there’s much we can do to help you fall in love with your home all over again.

For fresh ideas and a proposal on kitchen or bath remodeling, contact Plumbtastic today. 

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