The Benefits of Annual Plumbing Maintenance

What sorts of household maintenance chores do you consider essential, whether DIY or hiring someone to do it for you?

Lawn mowing would top the list for most people. Then there’s annual chimney cleaning, keeping your deck in good repair, re-painting when walls start to look a shabby – as a careful homeowner, we’re betting that if you took the time to write up a list, it would be a lot longer than you first suspected.

But you know what’s missing from more than half of such annual maintenance “must do” lists? Whole-house plumbing inspections. We can provide a bunch of reasons why people either don’t think about it, refuse to act when advised to do so, or simply don’t see the need.

Well, the need is great, especially when you consider that a healthy water supply is one of two leading factors (the other is air quality) in keeping your family healthy and safe. The need is no less powerful once you factor in how neglecting plumbing maintenance can lead to uncomfortably high plumbing repair bills.

Here are just a few of the specific benefits of annual plumbing maintenance.

Improved Air Quality

When water leaks, especially behind a wall or above a ceiling, the potential exists for mold growth. As the supply grows, mold becomes airborne and can cause myriad respiratory problems, including asthma and allergies. When Plumbtastic inspects your plumbing, we’ll check for plumbing leaks – hidden and otherwise. We’ll also recommend the right solution to repair it.  

Fewer Repairs, Longer Equipment Life

No plumbing fixture, pipe, or system lasts forever. But they can last longer than expected with regular maintenance. For example, if a water leak or clogged pipe is ignored long enough, it can add stress to your plumbing and cause it to wear out faster. High water pressure in your shower may feel great, but keep in mind that high pressure places extra strain on pipes, joints, and valves. That, in turn, can lead to premature repairs and failure.

Maximize Equipment Efficiency

The purpose of annual maintenance is not just to avoid or minimize costly repairs, but to help maintain plumbing efficiency. Plumbtastic can help assure you have a steady supply of hot water, that your garbage disposal won’t suddenly break down, that your toilet tank hasn’t developed a slow but invisible leak, and so on.

Ongoing plumbing maintenance also can reduce the frequency of clogged toilets and drains. That means less mess and a reduction in foul odors. Our job and pleasure is to help keep your drains and toilets running free and clear. Of course, you can help your cause by teaching your kids that an unwanted toy should be placed in the trash or donated to a worthy cause – not flushed down the toilet.

If it’s been a year or longer since your last whole-house plumbing inspection and maintenance service, contact Plumbtastic today. You’ll reap significant benefits – we promise.

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