Is a “Wet Room” Bathroom for You?

You may have seen them in movies while traveling abroad, or even in high-end hotels. In fact, your home may have one of your own: a “wet room” bathroom.

A wet room is a bathroom that is completely waterproof, with no clear distinction between the shower area and the rest of the space. While most are covered in tile from top to bottom and include a completely open shower area, others may be surfaced in a variety of waterproof materials and include a half wall by a shower and even a bathtub.

Keep reading to see if a wet room is right for your home and family’s needs.

Pros of a Wet Room

  • A wet room can make the bathroom look and feel larger. Since the shower does not need to be contained by walls, the surface materials can continue throughout the space, thus making it appear more spacious.
  • With no delineation between floor and shower, the bathroom becomes easier to navigate for those with mobility issues – and everyone else, for that matter.
  • With the elimination of shower doors and walls, a wet room is easier to clean.
  • Other than ensuring that every surface and inch of space is waterproof, the sky’s the limit when it comes to wet room design and aesthetic appeal.
  • Considered a high-end addition in a home, a wet room may even raise your home’s property value.

Cons of a Wet Room

  • Because of a wet room’s open layout, water will splash and splatter and may even get towels, toiletries, and toilet paper wet.
  • All that water can make for extra slippery surfaces – a particular problem for small children and adults with mobility issues.
  • Without a shower surround, the humidity produced during showers also will make its way throughout the bathroom. Extra water-proofing and ventilation are highly recommended.
  • Tiling a wet room can get expensive, especially if tile is used from floor to ceiling. Not only can tile and installation get pricey, but waterproofing materials applied underneath also will add to the cost.

To learn more about wet room bathrooms and if one makes sense for your home, contact Plumbtastic today for all the ins and outs, plus an bathroom upgrade proposal.

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