Things You Shouldn't Store Under Your Sink

What’s under your kitchen sink? No peeking, now! If you’re like most homeowners, you likely have some dishwashing liquid, sponges, a household cleaner or two, maybe even the kitchen trash pail. After all, that area is valuable real estate!

But did you know that there are numerous things you should not store there? You’ll be surprised to learn that some even pose a threat to your family’s safety.

Flammable Products. Use caution when storing items marked “flammable”. They should be kept in well-ventilated areas away from moisture and electrical components.

Chemical Cleaning Products. If you have young children or pets, avoid storing chemical cleaning products under the sink as they can be dangerous if ingested. Use tamper-proof cabinet locks or store these products out of reach of children.

Paper Products. The area under a sink houses plumbing, which can spring a leak without warning. Paper plates, grocery bags, and any other paper products don’t fare so well when in contact with water. Your best bet is to store such items in a separate area away from plumbing.

Small Appliances. If you’re short on storage space, you might be tempted to store the waffle iron, slow cooker, or air fryer under the sink. But as you know, electronics and water don’t mix.

Light Bulbs. Contrary to the packaging they come in, lightbulbs are very fragile and should be kept in a low-traffic area without risk of being bumped, dropped, or crushed.

Tools. Tools, like many other items, don’t play well with water. Keep your tools from rusting and corroding by storing them in a dry place, preferably a toolbox.

Paint. Whether it’s a spray can for touch-ups or various samples from your last painting project, paint in any form should be stored in a cool, dry area, away from gas appliances. 

Pet Food. If exposed to moisture, pet food can develop mold. So, if you must store it under the sink, make sure it’s in a tightly sealed container.

Here’s more sound under-the-sink advice. Don’t block the view of the drainpipes. If you do, it might take you a while to notice that a water leak has developed. In fact, before you even know what’s going on, water can start spilling onto the kitchen floor. Should a pipe leak occur under the sink or anywhere else in your home, contact Plumbtastic for fast and reliable service. We’re the only company you need for all your home plumbing needs.

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