Things You Can Clean with Olive Oil

From adding flavor to meals to enhancing beauty products, and even preventing heart disease, the benefits of olive oil are extensive. But did you know that olive oil is also one of America’s favorite cleaning solutions? Here’s just a sampling of what it can do for you.

Restore a Stainless-Steel Surface

Is your stainless steel sink, fridge, or microwave looking a little blah? Make it vibrant again with your favorite brand of olive oil. First, wash and rinse the area thoroughly. Wipe it down and apply a few drops of olive oil to a clean cloth. Buff the stainless steel, working in the direction of the grain. 

Stop a Squeak

While not nearly as cringe-worthy as nails on a chalkboard, the sound of a squeaky door can annoy you to the nth degree. But, instead of running out to purchase silicone spray, simply clean the creaking hinge, apply olive oil sparingly with a lint-free cloth, and voila! No more squeak.

Clean Up a Sticky Mess

Whether you have gum stuck on the sole of your shoe or sticker residue on a glass surface, olive oil is the answer. To get rid of stuck-on chewing gum, dip a cloth in olive oil and wrap it around the affected area for 10 minutes. The oil will break down the adhesive bond, making it easier to scrape the gunk away. To remove sticker residue, apply a drop of olive oil directly to the surface, work it in until the bond breaks, and then wipe the mess away. It’s that easy.

Clear Up Dull Plastic

If a cloudy film is compromising your car’s headlights or the plastic covering on your car’s instrument panel, olive oil can help to make the plastic look like new. Just pour a few drops on a lint-free cloth and rub it into the affected area. Then buff the surface for a few minutes until it’s crystal clear.

Protect Your Garden Tools

Protect your hand-held gardening tools by spritzing a little olive oil onto the metal portion before you begin digging. This will prevent dirt and debris from sticking to the surface, which means there will be less for you to clean up and less risk of it rusting over.

Here’s one thing, however, olive oil isn’t good for:  pouring down your drain.  In fact, that goes for all cooking oil, either in its cooked or pre-cooked state. Cooking oils build up inside your pipes, attract other food substances to the accumulated mass, and before you know it, you have a clogged drain to deal with. If that time is now and your DIY measures aren’t working, then it’s time to put Plumbtastic to work on your behalf. We’re ready, as always, to answer the call and solve the problem.

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