Bathroom Cleaning Shortcuts

Cleaning – it’s often a dirty job, sometimes beyond dirty, but someone has to do it. And if you’re reading this blog, chances are that someone is you.

When it comes to household chores, perhaps none are less pleasant than cleaning bathrooms. From toothpaste, splatters to potty training mishaps, and everything in between, your family puts your bathroom through a lot. Trying to keep it clean can seem like a never-ending battle.

We’re here to offer a few shortcuts that will help get – and keep – the hardest working room in your home fresh and sparkling clean in less time, and with less effort.

  • Keep a small storage container filled with microfiber cloths, a spray bottle of 50-50 white vinegar and water solution, disposable cleaning wipes, and anything else you might need to give the bathroom a quick touch-up.
  • Wipe away toothpaste, shaving cream, and other stains off the vanity mirror with a clean microfiber cloth before they set in and get tougher to remove.
  • Give the toilet a quick wipe down with a disposable disinfectant wipe, starting at the top of the tank and working your way down.
  • Keep a multi-purpose cleaner under the sink and use it to spray the sink and counter after you’re done getting ready for bed or whatever your next task might be. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Did you know that fabric softener sheets do more than keep your laundry static-free? Use a damp one to wipe away soap scum from the shower door.
  • Swap out the dingy plastic curtain liner for a washable one. Or get two so you have one to hang while the other goes in the wash.
  • Fight mineral deposits and hard water stains while you sleep! Simply fill a plastic bag with distilled white vinegar and secure it onto the showerhead with a rubber band. In the morning, gentry scrub and rinse clean.
  • Before stepping in the shower or bath, sprinkle Borax or baking soda into the toilet bowl and let sit while you relax. Once done, give the bowl a scrub with a toilet brush, flush, and voila! A clean toilet without a lot of elbow grease.
  • And remember, it’s easier to keep up than catch up. Cleaning as you go throughout the week will save you from having to devote half a Saturday.

How about your bathroom overall? Are you happy with the way it looks, the fixtures, the way everything lays out? With Plumbtastic to assist you, you can enjoy whole new levels of comfort, safety, and convenience. A touchless faucet, for example, activates the flow of water when it senses your hands and shuts off when you move your hands away. A comfort height toilet can be a great asset for those who need a little assistance getting up and down – while standard size toilets are 13” tall, comfort-height models are 17 – 19”.

No matter what the need, Plumbtastic has the right solution for your home, family, and budget. Contact us today for more information and an bathroom upgrade proposal. 

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