Why Shower Water Suddenly Turns Scalding Hot

How much do you take for granted from day to day? You’re due at work at 8 AM? Wednesday night is pasta night? Your daughter has piano lessons every Thursday after school? The truth is, we all take bunches of things for granted, and probably most often without realizing it.

Well, don’t you also take for granted that there will be plenty of hot water for your morning or evening shower? Again, most people do. And why not? That’s one of the things good plumbing is all about. 

But even while in the shower your routine can be shattered when suddenly the water turns scalding hot, causing you to jump out of your skin, if not the shower itself.    

That problem is often caused by a sudden drop in water pressure caused, in turn, by another family member flushing a toilet. For those few seconds, the cold water from your shower is being redirected to the toilet since they’re both on the same water supply line. So, cold water flows from the shower to the toilet, thus turning up the shower water temperature to an uncomfortable level, however briefly. 

If that sounds familiar, here’s a quick and painless remedy.  Turn the toilet’s shut-off valve clockwise – but not all the way – before turning on the shower faucet.  This will cause the tank to fill up at a slower rate without any decrease in flushing pressure.

You also can install a thermostatic mixing valve for your showerA mixing valve monitors the hot and cold water pressure of water coming into the shower. So, if the cold water pressure drops (like when a toilet is flushed) it will also drop the hot water pressure. This helps keep your shower at a constant temperature.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you might have a faulty pressure regulator, and that’s a job for the professionals at Plumbtastic. Our job is to make your home life as comfortable and convenient as possible, and that includes helping you take worry-free showers.  Contact us today for service.

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