The Pros of Open Concept Living

Open concept living is ideal for many of today’s families. It offers flexibility, ease of entertaining, better traffic flow, and tends to increase family time. Still, decorating an open interior can prove to be a tricky business. Use the following tips to design and decorate a space that is stylish, comfortable, and functional.

Thoughtful Lighting

Thoughtfully designed lighting is important in any space, but especially important in open concept areas to help define and integrate living, dining, and kitchen areas. Highlight a kitchen island or dining area with an attention-grabbing light fixture, layer in table or floor lamps for ambiance, and don’t forget task lighting over prep and work areas.


One of the easiest ways to unify different areas within an open space is with paint. Choose one or two neutral hues for the walls and a single color for all woodwork and trim.

Consistent Color

Choose a limited color palette of related tones for furnishings and accessories. Add pops of color with throw pillows, décor, or even a statement armchair – provided they complement the color palette.

Seamless Flooring

It’s smart to stick to one flooring material throughout an open concept area. It helps the space feel connected and allows for maximum flexibility should you decide to remodel somewhere down the road.

Defined Zones

Now that your flooring unifies the entire space, use area rugs to define different functional areas. Consider one in the dining area, living room, and family room. Just remember to keep within your selected color palette to make the different “rooms” feel connected.  

Inspiring Kitchen

Take cues from your kitchen – which often is the most expensive and least flexible part of a home – when choosing lighting, paint colors, textures, and accessories for the rest of the living space. For example, if your kitchen is sleek and modern with stainless steel appliances, all white cabinetry, etc., a traditional cherry hutch in the adjacent dining area might seem out of place.  

Open concept living also presents unique opportunities and challenges for plumbing. Without four walls to box in your kitchen, for example, you might have plenty of space for an island with a prep sink.  Or how about a bar area with its own fridge, ice maker, and sink? If you’re looking for sound plumbing ideas – and a company skilled in both design and installation – look no further than Plumbtastic.

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