High-Pressure Water Jetting for Your Drain

Let’s say you’re pretty handy around the house or at least have a skilled friend willing to help when the going gets a little rough. And let’s say the problem at hand is a clogged drain or toilet.

Clearing is not exactly a preferred household chore, but it still needs to get done. So, you plunge away, try a usually effective drain clearing solution (we recommend organic!), and maybe throw some hot water into the mix.

Okay, so that much has failed. But then it hits you. That certain friend in need has a snake and/or auger. “That oughta do it!”, you think. And yet a couple of hours later, despite everyone’s best efforts, the drain is still hopelessly clogged.

Well, not to pat ourselves on the back but, at Plumbtastic, there aren’t any hopeless drain clog problems. We can tackle them all, and all because we have the right equipment and plenty of experience that has taught us how.

When conventional measures don’t work – regardless of who’s applying them, including us – it’s time to bring out the heavy artillery, so to speak. In this case, we’re talking about video drain cameras and high-pressure water jetting equipment.

Our specially developed cameras take still and video images of the inside of your drain points. That enables us to identify the exact location of the problem and the cause behind it. That in itself saves a lot of time otherwise spent applying trial and error tactics.

Once the problem has been located and diagnosed, we then can employ our high-pressure water jetting equipment. In its simplest form, a hydro-jetter sends a high-pressure flow of water through your drain line to clear the blockage while removing any grease and other debris that might be attached to the pipe’s inner lining. That gives us the ability to do more than break up the blockage. It enables us to clear your drain from end to end, thus helping to prevent future clogs from material already inside the pipes.

Hydro jetting isn’t required on every drain or sewer cleaning job. But when it’s called for, that’s the time to¬†call or email Plumbtastic Plumbing & Rooter. When it comes to keeping your drains in good shape and flowing freely, we do it all.

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