Water Leak Detection Service Near Me

Sometimes people like or feel the need to hide. Life, at the moment, is too demanding and you just want a little time to yourself. So, if that were you, where would you be most likely to sneak away to? Your tool shed? Local convenience store? Take a walk around the block? Chances are you have at least several good options up your sleeve – options you prefer keeping to yourself, just in case.

Well, water has a habit of hiding, too. To be specific, leaking water. It has some very clever “out of the way” places, too. Like above a ceiling. Inside a kitchen cabinet. Behind a refrigerator. And it doesn’t stop there.

But unlike you hitting the pavement for a half hour or so, once a water leak starts, there’s a good chance it won’t stop until the leak is discovered and repaired. That, in turn, makes it imperative you know at least a few ways to detect a leak, and the sooner the better. 

  • Black mold on an interior wall, door, or ceiling
  • One or more wet spots on your lawn when the rest of the lawn is dry
  • A water bill so high, it practically makes you gasp, but you can’t account for the overage
  • Musty odors you can’t identify the source of

Or let’s say you reach way back into a kitchen cabinet for the first time in quite a while and the can you’re searching for is wet. So are the objects around it. Not a good sign. And then the day comes you decide to clean behind the refrigerator and, once it’s away from the wall, you see a puddle or signs that one or more were there.

No matter where or when you think a water leak may be active – or was so recently – contact Plumbtastic. We have electronic leak detection equipment that enables us to locate the exact source and extent of a leak. That saves time and helps to minimize any damage that may have occurred.  It also prevents unnecessary digging inside or outside your home.

Once detected, we’ll repair the pipe or replace it – whichever action is called for. Plumbtastic – the one source for all your plumbing and drain cleaning needs.

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