Tub to Shower Conversion Benefits

Once people become empty nested, they tend to look around their homes for things they might do differently.  Take the family with 2.5 bathrooms, for example, where the two full bathrooms have combination tubs and showers. Does that still work, or is there a different path now worth pursuing?

For some, the answer is to keep one of the tubs but, in the other bathroom, convert the tub/shower combo to a bigger, more inviting shower. If you’re thinking along those lines, consider this: don’t you deserve a little added luxury? If you agree, and there’s room in your budget, then we encourage you to further explore the opportunity, starting right here in this blog.

Additional space, both inside the shower and out

Bathtubs are clunky and prevent a bathroom from having a certain flow to it. With a shower system, you can stick to the existing footprint, expand, or contract, as you see fit. Spoiler alert: most of our customers opt to expand the footprint and create a shower right out of a decorating magazine. One that might include glass doors, a bench seat, built-in shelving, and multiple shower jets for a spa-like feel.

Greater ease of access

Eliminating the need to step over the edge of a tub enhances bathroom safety, especially for the elderly or family members with special needs.

Prevent slips and falls

Installing a new shower with non-slip tiles helps reduce the risk of injury. Even greater safety can be achieved by incorporating a handheld showerhead and grab bars into your design.

Higher-quality materials, less maintenance

Older tubs were usually made with hard-to-clean surfaces, tiled grout, and materials that need constant scrubbing and maintenance to keep looking clean. Today’s best shower materials are built for durability, with high-quality acrylic materials that require very little cleaning. They also feature built-in technology that resists mold and mildew, resulting in perfectly clean and sparkling surfaces without much effort.

Beauty and style

Tub-to-shower conversion is equally about comfort, convenience, and style. Today you can choose from many tile styles, colors, shower shapes, and fixtures to create the exact look and feel you want. You can even pick from various glass door types like opaque, clear, etched, or trimmed.

Contact Plumbtastic today to get the ball rolling in your home. Before you know it, your new bathroom shower will be the talk of the neighborhood, and just about the best money ever invested in your home.

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