Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

One minute you have all the water pressure you need to wash dishes, shave, or fill up a watering can…and then you don’t.  Oops, a sudden drop in water pressure.

What can cause such an annoying and problematic occurrence? Several factors, including these:     

Clogged Aerator – Don’t assume that a sudden drop in water pressure from one faucet equals a household reduction. Maybe the solution is as simple as replacing a clogged aerator.  

Supply Valves – Okay, so you just removed the aerator and cleaned or replaced it, but that darned faucet is still producing water at a trickle. In that case, check the supply valve to ensure that it’s open all the way.   

Leaking Pipe – Water leaks can and often do cause a loss of water pressure. Some leaks are obvious, like that pesky drip from your bathroom faucet. Others can be harder to locate, like a cracked pipe inside a wall or under a concrete slab. You’ll need a professional plumber to locate and repair a hidden water leak.   

Water Filter – If you have a whole-house filtration system installed and are experiencing low water pressure from every tap, it’s probably time for routine maintenance. In the meantime, try putting your filter in the “bypass” mode.  That alone could solve the problem, at least temporarily. Just remember that water filters, like all other plumbing, require routine maintenance to perform up to their full capacity.

Main Water Supply Valve – If your home’s main water supply valve is not wide open, water will not flow through the pipes at the rate you might like it to. While you’re checking on it, look for signs of corrosion that could be restricting water flow.

If your home detective work comes up empty, or you think you’ve located the source of the problem but need professional assistance to get things straightened out, contact Plumbtastic Plumbing & Rooter for prompt, professional, and reliable service. 

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