Benefits of an Anti-Scald Shower Valve

It’s happened.

You’re taking a leisurely shower. It’s not a workday, so you can take your time. In fact, it feels so good you break into song. You’re performing on an imaginary stage and the crowd is eating it up with a spoon. But then a hard splash of water hits you in the face. Literally, and it’s cold water at that. But not for long. In fact, before you’ve had time to fully adjust, the icy cold water turns steaming hot. Now what?!

What the heck just happened – and probably has happened to you more than once? Someone probably flushed a toilet or turned on a cold water faucet while you were in the shower, causing a pressure imbalance in your pipes. Coldwater was redirected to that source, and thus not enough was left to balance the hot and cold mixture you depend on any time you take a shower. That moment or two of a blast of hot or cold water couldn’t be any less enjoyable, but it can be prevented.

Here at Plumbtastic, we can solve the problem by installing an anti-scald valve in your shower – we also have faucet models. It’s a pressure balance valve that adjusts the amount of water in the hot and cold lines that suddenly change.

The benefits of anti-scald valves are considerable:

  1. Safety and comfort.  The whole idea is to help you prevent being scalded or burned. If you are, and to compound matters, you also increase the chance of falling from the sudden shock to your system.  The flow of water at a constant temperature is the perfect remedy.
  2. Other safety benefits. When the temperature remains constant, thus removing the risk of thermal shock, the risk of heart attack is greatly diminished and along with it, so are costly hospital stays and the potential for skin grafts or plastic surgery.
  3. Increased hot water supply. Anti-scald valves help to regulate and conserve heat, thus increasing the amount of hot water available from each full storage tank load.

Who benefits the most from plumbing innovations like anti-scald shower valves? The elderly and young children, but so does every other family member. For more information or an quote, contact Plumbtastic today.

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