How to Use Lemons as a Natural Cleaner

Just when you thought you had lemons all figured out, here comes a series of applications that will incentivize you to keep plenty on hand.     

Packed with vitamin C and potassium, lemons help soothe sore throats in a cup of tea, flush out toxins and reduce inflammation, and can help lower blood pressure.

But lemon power doesn’t end there. A bowl of fresh, citrusy lemons can replace a cabinet full of toxic household cleaners. Here are just some of the ways you can put their inherent cleaning power to work.

  1. Keep ants from invading your home. Squirt lemon juice on windowsills and door thresholds and scatter lemon slices and peels around home entryways. Unlike humans, ants can’t stand the smell of lemon juice. 
  2. Remove stubborn food stains from plastic. Squeeze half a lemon onto the surface, rub, and let stand for 15-30 minutes. Then rinse with water.
  3. Clean and disinfect wood cutting boards. Unlike plastic, a wood cutting board is tough to clean as wood absorbs soap and other cleaning products. So instead, pour coarse salt on the board, rub it in with the fruit side of a cut lemon, and rinse with water. 
  4. Make a lemon-infused household cleaner. Put leftover lemon peel and distilled white vinegar into an airtight container. Let the mixture sit for a week or two, then strain and pour the liquid into a clean spray bottle. Make a couple of batches so you can dilute one with water for cleaning windows and mirrors while using the full-strength version to tackle mold, mildew, and grease. Just don’t use it on porous surfaces like marble or granite.
  5. If the air inside your home is getting a little dry and stale, boil some lemon peel in a pot of water. It’s a fast and fragrant humidifier. 
  6. Brighten dull aluminum pots and pans and polish chrome fixtures by rubbing them with the cut side of half a lemon. Then buff with a soft cloth.
  7. Brighten whites and remove perspiration stains by adding a cup of lemon juice to the wash cycle. You can even soak your delicate fabrics in a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice for 30 minutes before laundering. 
  8. Keep cut avocados and apples looking fresh by squirting a little lemon juice on them. You can even coax a little life back to wilted lettuce by soaking it in lemon juice and water.
  9. Looking to clean and sanitize your garbage disposal? Every couple of weeks, peel a lemon and cut up the skin into smaller pieces, then grind them up in your disposal. The peel and its lemon essence are highly effective at killing odor-causing bacteria. 

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