What You Need to Know About Drain Cleaning

Here at Plumbtastic, we market our company’s services. It’s one of the keys to business growth and success, so no big surprise there.

So, what’s our point? Through our marketing efforts and results, we’ve discovered that when a homeowner has a clogged drain, they’re most likely to search for “plumber” on Google, not “drain cleaning” or “drain cleaning company.”  But here’s the problem with that: not all plumbers are equally experienced or adept at drain cleaning which, for the most part, is a highly specialized service.

In fact, it takes a considerable investment in equipment and training to be able to tackle just about any drain cleaning, repair, or replacement need.  At Plumbtastic, we are fully invested in keeping your drains unobstructed, and we do so partly through:

  • Drain video camera inspection. These unique cameras are designed to view and record the inside of drain pipes, thus making it easier for us to locate the source and extent of the problem. That often leads to faster and more affordable solutions.
  • High-pressure water jetting. When a drain or sewer clog proves too tough to remove or break up by plunger, auger, or any other conventional means, we go to our “heavy artillery”, so to speak. With a high-pressure spray of water, we can clear a drain line from one end to the other. That not only clears the immediate problem but helps prevent future clogs.  

By hiring a company like Plumbtastic, a full-service drain cleaner, you avoid the potential expense of paying for the same service two or more times. If, for example, the problem proves to be beyond the scope of plumber #1, you’re forced to search again and hope you find the right company so there won’t be a third try!

  • Throughout the Inland Empire, Plumbtastic is the only plumbing and drain cleaning company you’ll need. Now, wouldn’t that be a load off your mind? Call today or anytime to request service.

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