Be Careful Where You Plant Trees & Shrubs

Let’s hold off on the whole trees and shrubs thing for just a moment and consider the following:

Your family’s headed to Disney World. It’s been five years since your last visit and you’ve planned this trip right down to the last detail…or so it seems.  

Plane boarding passes on hand? Check. Hotel reservation confirmed? Check. Hopper passes stored in a safe location? Check.

You’ve done and planned it all…except for one thing.  You never checked which rides might be closed during your visit. And, upon arrival, you discover that two of your favorites are undergoing renovations. 

Well, on a smaller scale (thank goodness), that’s kind of like planting trees and shrubs only for the shade they provide, how they blend in with other landscaping…but not how close they are to your underground sewer lines.  The fact is, trees and shrubs should be 15 – 30 feet away from your house to prevent roots from breaking into your sewer pipes and clogging them up so badly, nothing can get by.

That’s why Plumbtastic recommends an annual video inspection of your sewer lines.  If we spot even the smallest collection of roots, we’ll know just what to do:

  • Treat your sewer line with a solution of Root-X to kill existing roots without harming the trees or shrubs
  • We’ll also recommend regular Root-X applications to prevent future root growth (Root-X is an organic compound that won’t harm your pipes or the environment)
  • Repair or replace the broken area of pipe without tearing up your yard, pavement, or driveway

So, if you have multiple backed-up drains at the same time, the smell of sewer gas indoors, a damp area on your lawn, or a shower drain that backs up when you flush the toilet, it’s time to contact Plumbtastic for a sewer line video inspection.

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