Complete Drain Cleaning Services

Yes, less is sometimes more. But not always.

Let’s say you have a sewer or drain line that backs up and you’ve done everything in your power to clear it, all to no avail.  Reluctantly, you cruise the internet looking for professional help.  Someone who can respond quickly seems to know what they’re doing and has good reviews.

Usually, those qualifications are enough.  That’s when a drain can be cleared with the basic tools of the trade:  plunger, snake, and/or auger.  But what if the drain cleaner you hire, limited by the tools just described, can’t complete the job because those tools are inadequate for your particular problem?  Here’s what happens: you pay their bill, go back to the internet, and search again.

Here at Plumbtastic Plumbing & Rooter, we can save you all that trouble.  Because by hiring us, you have a drain cleaning service with the training, experience, and resources for residential clogged drain problems, large and small.    

Here’s just some of what we bring to the table:

  • In-line video inspection to help us pinpoint the exact location and extent of the problem. Very often that saves you money as it eliminates potentially time-consuming and costly guesswork.
  • High-pressure “water jetting” to remove hard-to-reach and ultra-stubborn blockages.
  • Drain augering.
  • Electric drain cleaning.

If an underground drain line is clogged due to tree and shrub root invasion, we can fix that problem, too.  Plus, we can help prevent future root problems through regular applications of Root-X, an organic root prevention compound that won’t harm your greenery.

The moral of the story?  Next time you have a problem, don’t risk having to hire two companies to complete one job. Instead, just call Plumbtastic, the only company you need for any home drain or sewer cleaning need.

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