4 Reasons to Choose a Heat Pump Water Heater

So, the time has come – to replace your water heater, that is. Hopefully, and for your sake, you don’t need to make a snap judgment and have plenty of time to choose your various options.

How about a heat pump water heater…might that work for you? No doubt heat pump water heaters weren’t even around when you purchased your current system. But they are now…in fact, if you have an electric water heater with at least a 55-gallon tank and you’d like another, your ONLY option is a heat pump system. At that size and greater, they’ve replaced electric water heaters due to their far superior energy conservation properties.

Heat pump systems, more formally known as electric hybrid heat pump water heaters, offer these several advantages:   

  • Harness the power of the sun to heat your water.
  • Help conserve natural resources.
  • Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Help save you up to 75% to heat your water.
  • When the sun isn’t warm enough to provide the hot water you need, the system reverts to electric water heating.

A heat pump water heater operates like a refrigerator in reverse. While it runs on electricity, most often the electricity is not used to heat the water. Instead, your new system will pull heat from the air around it and transfer it to the electricity-powered refrigerant flowing inside the tank. That, in turn, heats the water. 

Contact Plumbtastic today to learn more about heat pump water heaters and other available options. No matter what you choose, we’ll help you enjoy top-notch comfort, performance, and energy savings.

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