What’s New in Plumbing

In the overall scheme of things, America is still a new country.  But by any standard, we’ve more than made up for lost time in our 240+ year history.

What we lack in way-back history we more than make up for in new technologies, an area in which we are world leaders.  We also love new toys, gadgets, and things that make life more convenient. 

Here are a few recently developed products that – if not already – will soon be all the rage: 

  • Remote entry lock systems
  • A junk mail-eliminating app
  • Storm-proof umbrellas
  • Pin-pong doors
  • Solar-powered camping tents
  • Nesting knives with knife block
  • No-blind-spot rearview mirrors

Borderline mind-boggling, right? “But wait, there’s more” as they say in TV commercials. Because now, we’d like to showcase a handful of new – or relatively new – and helpful plumbing innovations, too: 

  • Multi-nozzle shower enclosure.  Who needs to turn around in the shower when you can have multiple nozzles spraying warm, soothing water from every which direction?
  • Steam showers.  No need to join a health club just for the occasional steam shower when you can take them right at home.  Steam shower enclosures are catching on fast.
  • Low-flow toilets.  If you purchased a new toilet recently, it uses no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush…quite a difference from older toilets that used as much as seven gallons.  But now you can save even more water by purchasing a dual-flush toilet…one mode each for solid and liquid waste.
  • Walk-in tubs.  This is equal parts convenience and safety to help the elderly or anyone else avoid slipping and falling while entering and exiting a bathtub.
  • Touch-activated faucets.  No, it doesn’t matter how dirty your hands are, or even if your hands are full.  Simply replace your current kitchen faucet with a touch-on model, and the flow of water will activate with a simple touch from any part of your body.

For more information on plumbing products that can add comfort, convenience, and safety into your everyday life, contact Plumbtastic today.

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