How to Waste Less Food

According to the United Nations, the average American wastes 20 pounds of food each month. That’s 240 pounds per year! Not only is that extremely wasteful, it means we are literally throwing our hard-earned money in the trash. And yet even if only small amounts of food go bad before you consume or finish it, there is always room for improvement.

Here are 6 easy ways to minimize food waste and save some money.  

  1. Prepare what you have on hand. Meal planning is a great way to focus more consume what you purchase in orderly and well-timed fashion. At the same time, plan ahead for meals so your food shopping becomes more focused and practical.
  2. Be specific about quantities. If you’re constantly buying one pound of deli meat and throwing out half, start reducing the quantity. And don’t forget to consider the upcoming week’s activities. Do you plan on eating out? Will extra-curricular activities have you eating on the fly or reheating left-overs? While you may want to cook five nights a week, your schedule might dictate otherwise.
  3. Store food items carefully. Avoid placing food items in the fridge haphazardly. Think about what you plan on using in the next couple of days versus what may need to be frozen. Move older items and leftovers to the front so you’re sure to use them up before they spoil.
  4. If possible, shop more often. Buy perishable food items such as fruits and vegetables as you need them or restock smaller quantities throughout the week. If you buy meat in bulk to save money, get into the habit of pre-portioning, labeling, and freezing some or all of it right away.
  5. Clean your fridge, freezer, and pantry regularly. You’re less likely to waste food if you know exactly what you have on hand.
  1. Become a composter. Some food waste is inevitable. But instead of tossing it in the trash or garbage disposal, start a home composting system. The result is less waste in the landfills and a rich soil amendment for your garden.

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