The Benefits of a Cold Shower

An easy way to cool off is with a cold shower, even if it’s not your idea of a good time. Well, you might change your tune if you know the several health-related benefits of cold showers, straight from your local Plumbtastic plumbing professionals.

Increased alertness: A cold shower helps improve attention and concentration. Try it once in a while and, who knows, maybe you won’t need as much coffee to jump start your day.  

Softer skin:  Central heat does a number on your skin and hair, sapping them of moisture. The same can be said of hot water, even during the summer months.  If that’s concerning to you, try taking the occasional cold show for softer and smoother results.  

Improved circulation:  A cold shower can lower your blood pressure, increase blood flow to organs, and enhance your body’s immune system.  

Depression relief:  An increase in electromagnetic energy in a slightly chilled body increases the number of endorphins and other body chemicals. That improves the brain’s ability to uptake the body’s natural anti-depressant chemicals.

Weight loss:  A reduction in body temperature from a cold shower will you’re your body work harder to warm you back up.  In the process, calories will be burned just as they would from rigorous exercise.  

Better quality sleep: A warm bath is good medicine for a restful night’s sleep, but so is a cold shower.  The latter reduces your body temperature which alerts your brain that it’s time to sleep, and sleep well.  

Even if you become a cold shower devotee, you still need plenty of hot water to wash clothes, dishes, and all the rest.  Annual preventive maintenance can help improve your water heater’s performance while preventing repairs, extending its lifespan, and keeping your utility costs at a minimum.  For more information or to schedule service, contact Plumbtastic today.

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