Steam Shower Benefits

You know what’s big in bathroom remodeling these days?  Tub to shower conversion, especially among families who have at least one other bathroom with a tub.  After all, how many do you really need, especially when something different better might be waiting for you?

Well, for more and more people these days, that “something better” is not just tub to shower conversion but converting to a steam shower.  It provides not just a warm and relaxing shower experience, but a host of health benefits.  Let’s have a look. 

Circulatory System
Steam showers pump up the volume on your heart, just like an aerobic exercise.  When your heart pumps faster, circulation improves. 

Respiratory System
Steam showers, as the name suggests, ooze warm, humid air.  As you inhale, it helps clear up your breathing passages.  That’s a huge benefit for anyone experiencing bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, and other respiratory ailments.  The effect is almost immediate and can reduce the recovery time from a respiratory illness.

Muscular-Skeletal System
Stress can lead to tight, sore muscles, as does hard physical labor and exercise.  A steam shower is the perfect antidote, and one that can help you cut down on pain-relieving medications. 

Healthy Skin
Steam showers are tremendously beneficial to your skin. The heated vapor helps your pores while cleansing and hydrating your skin, resulting in a warm, healthy glow afterward. The heat also encourages circulation and increases blood flow to the skin, making it easier for skin cells to get the nutrition they need.

Immune System
A steam shower has roughly the same effect on your body as a fever – but in a good way.  As your body heats up, your immune system works harder to help you remain disease free. 

To learn more about converting your existing shower or tub to a steam shower, contact Plumbtastic today.    

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