Kitchen Remodel Planning Tips

The kitchen is the hub and heart of most American homes.  But if yours looks more like the set from a 1980’s sitcom than the inviting space you dream of, it might be time for some freshening up.

When done well, no other remodeling project can do more to transform your home from ordinary to exceptional.  So, to ensure you’re more than happy with the result, ask yourself these key questions now:

  1. How do I use my kitchen? Consider what you like about your kitchen, not just what you want to change. Are the changes you’re planning purely cosmetic, or will they help you accomplish specific goals? That will go a long way toward determining things like counter space, flow, and the amount of additional storage space you might need.
  2. What’s the budget? Jot down your must-haves, and then research the costs. You might be surprised – favorably or otherwise – by the cost of materials, finishes, and labor. Decide what you’re not willing to compromise on. Maybe, for example, you can purchase stock cabinets so you can better afford the marble countertop that’s high on your list of priorities.
  3. Can I change the footprint? Perhaps you’re tired of staring at a cabinet or wall when washing dishes. Or maybe you’d like to see a peninsula in place of the wall that now separates your kitchen from the dining room.  There are so many additional improvements you can make when you gut your ktchen and start from scratch.  
  4. Are you concerned about resale value? If you’re planning to move within the next few years, consider the wants and needs of future buyers. Sure, bright orange laminate cabinets are fun to look at, but not for everyone. And while you want a kitchen you can enjoy for the duration, be careful not to spend more than your market can handle.

Since plumbing plays a big part in any kitchen makeover, Plumbtastic is ready now and always to provide great advice, expert installation, and maybe even a new gas connection so you can convert from an electric to gas range.  Contact us today for more information or any current plumbing need.

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