How to Increase Your Hot Water Supply

If you need more hot water in the morning for your family’s growing needs but just can’t justify purchasing a new and bigger water heater at this time, Plumbtastic has a much more affordable solution.

It’s called water heater booster and is designed to greatly improve the performance of your storage tank water heater, electric or gas. A water heater booster will increase your hot water supply, increase energy efficiency, and enable faster access to hot water by compensating for low water pressure. Here’s more:

  • You can expect up to a 45% increase in hot water supply which means you won’t need a timeout after running your dishwasher and before taking a nice, long shower.
  • Your water heater booster can be attached to your storage tank or mounted on a nearby wall. A small amount of space with big capacity…in fact, a new booster will give a 50-gallon electric water heater the same capacity as 80-gallon unit.
  • Our booster pumps also feature vacation end eco modes, both of which turn off the power to the booster when it isn’t needed.
  • A booster pump is fast and easy to install…a new installation typically requires about 45 minutes.

To learn more about a water heater booster for your home, and how it can help you increase your hot water supply while reducing energy costs, contact Plumbtastic today.

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