Gas Grilling Safety Tips

There are lots of things we can do year-round in the Inland Empire, and plenty we can’t.  Looking ice skate on your local pod or ride your snow mobile to work?  This is not the place for you.  Then again, if you can’t wait to play weekend golf or spend time in your yard, you definitely were born in or moved to the right place.

Another outdoor activity you can engage in year-round is outdoor grilling.  Oh sure, people in Connecticut and Montana can cook outdoors anytime they want, but not always without first shoveling a path to the grill.

And yet as much as you love the taste of marinated steak or skewered veggies, you can’t fully enjoy the experience without ensuring the safety of your home, family, and friends.

Here are some proven ways to go about that:

  1. Clean and inspect your grill before using it. Inspect the hoses and connections for leaks.
  2. Keep a fire extinguisher, a bucket of sand, or a garden hose handy in case of fire. Baking soda is highly effective and containing grease fires.
  3. Keep children and pets away from the grill while you’re using it and for at least an hour after you turn it off or until it has completely cooled.
  4. Don’t wear loose clothing or anything frills or strings while grilling.
  5. Use only long-handled utensils and quality fire-resistant oven mitts.
  6. Do not leave a hot grill unattended. Need a quick time-out? Put someone else in charge before abandoning your post, however briefly.  
  7. Don’t let food debris and grease build up over time. Clean the grates and grease pan after every use.   

Plumbtastic can help provide added convenience and safety to your outdoor grilling experience by:

  • Installing an outdoor gas connection so you can cook with your home’s supply of natural gas…that means no more worries about running out of propane
  • Inspect your existing gas connection to ensure maximum safety
  • Remedy any gas connection problems

Contact us today for more information and an gas connection estimate.

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