How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Life without a garbage disposal would be, um, messier, right?  And less convenient. 

Ever have yours shut down for even a few days?  Then you know exactly what we’re talking about. So, to help clean your disposal operating at peak efficiency and prevent potentially costly repairs, we’ve got just the advice you need.

  • Clean the inside – Just grab a few ice cubes and put them in the disposal along with a cup of distilled white vinegar. Run the disposal for about five minutes so the mixture can do its job.  You also can use lemon or orange peels with ice cubes to add a nice citrusy smell to your kitchen.     
  • Clean the drain – Whatever food particles get through the disposal can also stink up the drain pipe. You can prevent that, too, with a dose of ground coffee once a month. Again, run the disposal for a minute or so with just the coffee grounds.   
  • Run cold water – Turn on the cold water while grinding up food. Once the grinding turns into a soft hum, turn off your disposal and keep the water running for another 30 seconds to ensure the food is flushed. That helps prevent a drain clog and water from backing up.
  • Keep things out that can cause damage – There are two things in your house that are often used as trash bins but shouldn’t be: your toilet bowl and garbage disposal.  Both have very specific and limited purposes, and for good reasons.  So, to prevent damage to the unit and its blades, keep bones, fibrous foods, meat fat, fat and grease, plus non-food items out.

See that, nothing to it. But that doesn’t mean you won’t run into a repair problem every now and then. Whenever that might be, including now, you can count on Plumbtastic for prompt, dependable service.  And that goes for all your household plumbing.  Contact us today or whenever the need arises.   

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