Fun Facts about Toilets

There are certain topics that can be broached any time, while others are best reserved for more private conversations.  The latter group, for example, might include fun facts about toilets. Not what goes on in toilets, mind you, just how they came to be and later evolved.

Nothing squeamish about what you’re about to read…promise!  So, have some fun and even more fun by sharing these fun facts with others. 

  • While he didn’t invent the toilet, Thomas Crapper perfected the siphon flush system we use today. He was born in the village of Thorne – which is an anagram of throne.
  • Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” was the first film to show a toilet being flushed…that simple act was quite controversial at the time.
  • Pomegranates studded with cloves were used as the first attempt at making toilet air-freshener.
  • King George II of Great Britain died falling off a toilet on the 25th of October 1760
  • It is estimated that each year, more than 40,000 people suffer toilet-related injuries in the U.S.
  • Hong Kong is home to the world’s most expensive toilet. It is made of solid gold and sits proudly in the washroom at Hang Fung Gold Technology Group.
  • In 1890, Scott Paper Company introduced toilet paper in a roll.
  • The average person visits the toilet 2,500 times a year and spends three years of their life sitting there.
  • The plastic toilet brush was invented in 1932 by William C. Schopp and patented by the Addis Brush Company in 1933.
  • There is an entire museum dedicated to toilets in India. TheSulabh International museum of Toilets in New Delhi has a vast collection of rare facts, pictures and objects detailing the evolution of toilets over the past 4,500 years.    
  • More toilets are flushed during the Super Bowl half-time break than any other time of year.

Of course, there are times when your toilet can be far less interesting and, worse yet, a huge pain in the rear.  You know, when it clogs up, springs a leak, or malfunctions in some other way.  If that time is now, contact Plumbtastic for service and dependable results. 

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