Outdoor Grilling Safety Tips

Much like baseball, gardening, and yard sales, grilling is a quintessential part of the warm weather season. After all, what’s not to like about gathering outdoors with family and friends and basking in the smells and flavors of flame-broiled food meats, seafood, and veggies alike!

But it’s not all sunshine and burgers, as outdoor grilling comes with its own fair share of risk.  That’s why we’ve compiled the following safety tips to help keep everything delicious, while keeping family and friends free from harm. 

Get to Know Your Grill

Whether it’s gas, charcoal, or propane, brand new or well loved, familiarize yourself with your grill. Give it a thorough inspection and cleaning at the start of each grilling season, and clean it after each use.  Routinely check for loose hoses, leaks, corrosion, or damage. And only light your grill according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Location, Location, Location  

Choose a flat, sturdy, non-flammable surface for your grill, at least 10 feet away from any buildings, hanging tree limbs, or awnings. If you routinely entertain outdoors, make sure the grill is away from heavily trafficked areas. Never attempt to move a grill once it’s been lit.

Don’t Get Burned

Have the proper grilling tools on hand, such as long-handled utensils and fire-resistant oven mitts. If you’re in charge of the grill, avoid wearing loose clothing, or clothing with strings, ties, or frills that could catch fire.

Be Prepared

Every home should have a working portable fire extinguisher. Never attempt to douse a grease fire with water, it will only make the flames flare. Should your gas grill catch fire, turn off the burners and tank valve if you can reach it safely. If you have a charcoal grill, closing the lid should stifle the flames. If the fire involves a propane tank, evacuate the area and call the fire department immediately.

One way to enjoy added safety and convenience is to connect your gas grill to your home’s natural gas supply.  As licensed plumbers and gasfitters, that’s a job we’d be happy to assist you with. Contact Plumbtastic today for more information or to request a new outdoor gas connection.

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