What Could You Do with a Second Kitchen Sink?

Ever wish you could grow a second pair of hands – at least temporarily – so you more fully developer the multi-tasker that lives inside you? Probably, right?

Well, if you have that wish, as fanciful as it might be, then chances are you occasionally wish for something far easier to obtain: a second kitchen sink. For every day uses, no doubt you find one sink more than enough, especially if it’s a double. But how about on holidays or when entertaining friends and family? Don’t you find yourself thinking you could get more done in less time with two vs. one sink, and perhaps even take Aunt Bertha up on her persistent pleas to lend of helping hand?

Here are the more popular “second sink” options: 

Kitchen Island Sink

If you have the space for an island or peninsula, then factoring a second sink into your plans makes perfect sense.  Kitchen islands, bar stools and all, are today’s version of old-fashioned kitchens where family and friends gather to talk about any old thing.  Having a second sink in place makes that space self-complete and prevents the constant need to get up and down.

Island Prep Station Sink

If you see an island more as added work space than a social hub, install it closer to your main sink and counter so you can pivot and go from one sink to another, chopping and washing in one while rinsing dishes or filling up pans with water in the other.

Work Station Sink

Don’t have room for an island or peninsula?  That doesn’t mean you can’t have a second sink, especially if one’s just not getting it done for you and space is at a premium. If counter space permits, a second sink can be added or your current sink can be replaced with a double.

Coffee Station Sink

We Americans are so in love with coffee, we buy ourselves and each other all sorts of gadgets to enhance the experience.  That’s why more and more of us are designating one area of their kitchens to house everything needed to prepare cups or pots of coffee, no matter what might be going on in or at the main sink. And, of course, the key to a coffee station is its own dedicated sink.

Party Station Sink/Wet Bar

Whether it’s in the kitchen or another room, more and more wet bars are popping up in homes where entertaining guests is akin to an art form – one place that has everything you need to prepare soft or adult beverages, including a sink and mini-fridge for ice.   

What do all these sinks have in common? That’s right: plumbing. So, if you like the idea of adding a second sink to your kitchen or main living area, contact Plumbtastic today for an in-home consultation to determine what the best and most practical solution might be to bring your vision to life.

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