The Latest Bathroom Design Trends

Over the years, the once practical and sterile bathroom has evolved to combine function, stylish design, and elegance – both understated and lavish alike. So it’s no surprise that many home design and remodeling experts predict that 2017 will continue to push this most used room in the house to one where comfort, style, and relaxation meet.

Here are six bathroom trends that you can expect to see materialize in more and more homes this year.

Color – Year after year, the crisp, classic, all-white and black-and-white bathroom continues to dominate. But shades of grey are expected to make their way into the mix. From pale grey, to dark charcoal, this recent “it” color in design is a great way to add contrast and warmth. Another color shade to watch for is soothing and nature-inspired green.

Tile – Subway tile has been a mainstay in the bathroom as long as we can remember. After all, it’s classic, fairly inexpensive, and versatile. But for some, it has lost its luster. One way to breathe life back into this bathroom design staple is to install it in unexpected patterns such as vertically, diagonally, and in herringbone fashion. We can also expect to see larger tiles continue to push their way into bathrooms. They can help a small bathroom feel larger, and the larger format means less grout lines, which in turn means greater ease of cleaning.

Fixtures – In 2016, bronze and brass made a sweeping comeback as homeowners began to tire of the shiny chrome and brushed nickel that had previously taken over bathrooms everywhere. This trend is expected to continue and, as an added twist, homeowners are starting to mix and match metals for a more casual, eclectic feel.

Wood – For the most part, wood and bathrooms don’t mix (think mold and rot). But the advent and popularity of wood-like tile has made the dream for the warm and rustic style of wood in the bathroom a practical reality. Homeowners are also adding wooden accents to the bathroom in some untraditional ways, like wood-paneled ceilings, wood accent walls, vanities, and more. 

Storage – There never seems to be enough storage in the bathroom. Or, perhaps, there’s just not enough smart storage. Gone are the days of simple doors and drawers. Today, bathroom cabinets include cubbies, poll-outs, and tilt-outs to keep the ever-growing array of items typically kept in the bathroom off the counter and in its place.

Bathtubs – With built-in audio, dramatic lighting, beautiful tilework, and massaging jets, the shower sure has come a long way in recent years. But it looks like the tub is making a comeback. From sleek and sculptural to traditional and timeless, free standing tubs are finding their way back into the hearts of homeowners.

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