4 Benefits of Planting Your Own Garden

Gardening is good for your health no matter how you slice it! Working in the dirt can benefit a person’s mind, body, and spirit, and all while giving the family a space to learn and play together. Need a little more persuading?  We’ve got just the thing:

Environmental health

Getting your veggies from right outside your door helps the environment by decreasing oil consumption with fewer trips to the grocery store not just for you, but for delivery services, as well.  Growing your own veggies also means a reduced amount of plastic plus less overall waste since grocery stores throw away unused food, whereas the home garden’s leftovers can be canned, dried, or frozen.

Mental Health

Working in the garden has been shown to improve mood while increasing self-esteem and a feeling of purpose. You get a chance to disconnect from electronics and the daily stresses, while recharging in the sun and fresh air. Doing a single task in the garden like weeding or planting rows of seeds is also a meditative task that improves concentration and focus.

Physical health

Digging in the garden, carrying that water hose, and pulling weeds all burn significant calories. Add in lifting a 10-lb bag of dirt or a watering can and you have both cardio and weight resistance for building strong bones and joints. You’ll also be eating better with all that fresh produce! Fresh herbs, veggies, and greens have more nutrients than those from the store, have more fiber and water, and fewer germs.

You’ll Save Money

How much did you pay for that last bundle of carrots or pound of tomatoes?  Whatever it was, it’s an amount you can plan on saving throughout your own personal harvesting season.  And, just like always, the more you plant, the more money you save.

Whether you’re planning your first vegetable and/or herb garden or getting ready for your next backyard growing season, you’ll need plenty of water to get the job done. That’s where Plumbtastic can help with additional outdoor plumbing. Perhaps, for example, would help get a hose that much closer to your garden.  Or, just how much more convenient would it be if you had an outdoor faucet right near the garden for greater ease of washing your veggies, tools, and hands. Contact Plumbtastic today to learn more or to request an outdoor plumbing quote.

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