How to Add More Bathroom Storage Space

No matter size the room, including your bathroom, one common is to make the most of the available space.  Sometimes making the most means creating an open space for greater ease of traversing. Or, maybe you have too much empty wall space that’s hungering for interesting art objects.

But when it comes to your main or master bathroom, the most pressing need seems to be for more storage space or making the room look and feel bigger than it really is. That’s something we hear from our customers all the time.

So, on their behalf and yours, we’ve pleased to share the following simple but effective tips:

Add smore shelf space above the bathroom door, towel racks, or wherever wall space permits. If you to equip your bathroom with a step stool for those who can’t reach the new shelving, it’s a small price to pay having more room for extra towels, cotton balls, or extra bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

Hang a pocket shoe organizer on the back side of your bathroom door. It’s the perfect spot for toiletries, brushes, hair products, and more.

Whether it’s a spice rack or something with a little extra room, get creative and hang a wall rack in the bathroom for items that don’t fit inside your medicine cabinet, like hairspray, mousse, gel, and creams.

Feeling a little claustrophobic inside your bathroom with the door closed? Then hang a full-wall mirror to great the appearance of bigger. Plus, you can still adhere a towel rack and other objects to it so that wall doesn’t become purely decorative.

Add pullout drawers vs. shelves to cabinets for added storage space. You can even add an outlet to the back of a vanity drawer so that hairdryers, flatirons, and curling irons can be kept off your countertops, thus allowing that space to be used for other items, including bathroom decorations and candles. Plus, pull-out drawers make most items more accessible and limit the amount reaching or rearranging that otherwise might become necessary with shelving.

And then there are all those bathroom upgrades we can assist you with: new sink and faucets, new toilet, replacement tub and shower – anything at all that involves plumbing. Contact Plumbtastic today for more information or an in-home consultation and new plumbing estimate. Plus, we have even more ideas on how to derive maximum benefit from time spent in your bathrooms.

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