Things You Should Never Store in Your Garage

Open just about any garage, and you’re bound to see pretty much the same items – lawn equipment, an array of tools, some children’s toys, and maybe even a car or two. And while the garage is a great alternative for items that don’t belong anywhere else, it’s not meant to store everything.

Here are 6 items, for example, that either could become damaged or pose a safety hazard to your home and loved ones if kept in the garage. 

Paint – If you’re in the process of remodeling and need to store your paint cans in the garage for a couple days, don’t sweat it. But storing leftover paint for an extended period of time in an unheated garage could cause the paint to separate or gel. Instead, store tightly-closed paint cans in a utility closet or temperature-controlled basement.

Propane – Simply put, propane tanks should never be stored in enclosed areas attached to your house. Should the valve leak, gas could seep out into the garage and create a fire hazard and asphyxiation risk. Store tanks in a well-ventilated detached shed, or simply outside.

Gasoline – Technically, you can store gasoline in your garage as long as you follow some strict guidelines. Check with your local fire department on the amount of gasoline you can store – many communities have a 25-gallon limit. Only use a gasoline-approved container and place it on a piece of plywood, not directly on the floor. And be sure to keep the gas can out of reach of children.

Electronics – If you’ve upgraded your electronics but haven’t yet gotten around to selling or giving away the old stuff, don’t store them in the garage. Not only can high humidity levels damage internal components, but small insects can find their way inside and cause damage of their own.

Paper Products – What do mice and termites have in common? They love paper. So if you want to keep them out of your house, keep those books, files, and other paper products out of your garage.   

Clothing or Bedding – Heat and humidity are breading grounds for mold and mildew. Even if your garage is on the dry side, insects still can feast on clothes or bedding.  

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