Backflow Prevention & Testing, and Why it Matters

A condition known as backflow occurs when water reverses the direction of its flow anywhere in your plumbing system. It’s a dangerous condition because it can allow drinking water to become contaminated and harmful to humans if consumed.

What is a backflow preventer?
Backflow preventers are mechanical plumbing devices designed to to prevent water from flowing backward in the system. A properly tested and maintained backflow preventer – installed where water enters your home – can reliably prevent the backflow of contaminated water.

What are the primary causes of backflow?

Backflow can occur following a sudden drop in water pressure due to heavy usage, heavy demand caused by fire-fighting, or even a break in the water main.

What harm can backflow cause?
When water is delivered to your property it’s channeled to many different types of fixtures, including sprinklers, washing machines, hose-bibs, kitchen faucets, tubs, showers, and toilets. Connections between your drinking water system and other water sources are called “cross connections.” When backflow occurs through a cross connection, contamination will follow unless backflow prevention is in place.

Why is annual testing important for backflow preventers?

The assemblies have moving parts which can foul or wear out. Periodic testing insures the devices are working properly.

Who can you turn to for backflow prevention and annual testing?

Throughout the Inland Empire, Plumbtastic is your experienced and reliable resource for backflow valve installation along with ongoing testing, maintenance and repair. Call us today to help ensure a consistently high quality of drinking water for your entire family.

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