Warning Signs of Home Plumbing Problems

You know what our customers usually say when we arrive to fix a plumbing problem?  “Wow, never saw this one coming,” or something to that effect.

Truth be told, however, very few plumbing problems just “happen.”  Usually, in fact, there are one or more warning signs that, if detected, probably would end up saving you some money.  That’s what early detection is all about.

Not sure what those warning signs might be?  Here are just a few to keep an eye out for, and what these signs are trying to tell you:

Sputtering Faucet

Most people believe the occasional ‘cough’ they hear from a faucet indicates a small amount of air inside the pipe that will eventually dissipate. If the cough or sputtering sound is heard rarely, then air build-up probably is the cause.  But if the sound persists, chances are it’s being caused by a crack or break somewhere inside that water pipe.  Early detection and reporting can allow us to repair vs. needing to replace the pipe, so it’s a warning sign definitely worth heeding.

Water Dripping from a Basement Water Pipe

Ever see a drop or two of water clinging to a basement water pipe?  Probably, right?  And if you’re like most people, you chalked it up to plain, everyday condensation, or something equally harmless and not to be concerned about.  Once again, you might be right.  But don’t assume so.  Instead, keep your eye on that drip (or two).  As soon as it becomes more than a drop or two per hour, it’s time to call a professional plumber to see exactly what’s going on.  After all, who needs a flooded basement to worry about?

Slow Moving Drains

While a sink or toilet might drain slowly once in a while for a completely harmless reason, persistently slow moving drains indicate an inside clog, and one that’s only going to get worse over time until the drain or toilet eventually what drain (or flush) at all.  Proactive drain cleaning can help keep your drains running free and clear.

Anything going on with your plumbing that has you even moderately concerned?  If so, trust your instincts and contact Plumbtastic Plumbing & Rooter today. You can look forward to a guaranteed upfront price quote once we’ve investigated the cause, plus our assurance of a job that will meet or exceed your expectations.

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