6 Ways to Make Recycling Fun for Kids.

Anytime you’ve asked your child for a birthday or Christmas wish list, did they ever once include “a greener planet”?  We’re guessing the answer is “no”, and yet it’s hard to think of very many other gifts of greater or longer-lasting value.

It’s also the kind of gift that doesn’t require any sort of occasion.  Instead, all it requires is you being diligent about your recycling habits and going out of your way to ensure that your children see and learn by example.  Eventually, their recycling and other eco-friendly tasks will become habits, and those that will stand them in good stead for their rest of their lives.

Looking for ways to get the recycling ball up and running at your house?  Here are 6 great ways to get started or pick up the pace:

  1. Teach your kids the difference between items that can and can’t be recycled. Better yet, take a field trip to your local recycling facility so they can see first-hand what happens to cereal boxes and soda cans, etc., that are properly disposed of.
  1. Teach them that it’s equally important to reduce consumption. That means using less plastics, less water, and less electricity.
  1. Find creative ways to reuse common items that you no longer need. A plastic baby wipe container is perfect for storing crayons and markers. Old clothing that is not suitable for consignment or hand-me-downs can be given new life, too. From tote bags, to blankets, to cleaning rags and garden stake ties, there are countless ways to reuse your old favorites.
  1. Turn old greeting cards into new cards, gift tags, or bookmarks.
  1. Once your child has outgrown his crib mattress, use it to make a reading nook, complete with hanging canopy made from crib sheets.
  1. Save money and packaging by purchasing pasta, rice, flour, oats, and even spices in bulk. Store them in clean, labeled sauce and condiment jars.

And let’s not forget water conservation.  If, for example, you’re accustomed to shaving while leaving the water running, make a point to turn on the faucet only when washing your face or legs clean of remaining shaving cream or rinsing your razor.  Same goes for brushing your teeth – the water does not need to run until you and your kids are ready to rinse.  Let your kids see what you’re doing and, where appropriate, urge them to follow suit.

Here at Plumbtastic, we offer numerous other ways to help your entire family conserve water, from dual flush toilets to low-flow showerheads and more.  Contact us today for more information about these and the many other green plumbing solutions we offer.

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