Life Hacks for Summer to Help Make Your Life a Little Easier

Whether your idea of summer fun is camping in the wilderness, relaxing by the pool, or spending the day with your toes in the sand, your summer will be easier and more enjoyable when you approach it with a few clever tricks up your sleeve. From keeping pesky bugs away to cleaning outdoor toys and furniture, and lots of things in between, you’ll save time and money with these 9 easy summertime hacks.

  • Add two cups bleach to one gallon of water and use a sponge to wipe down beach balls, pool noodles, and other toys. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub off tough dirt, then rinse with water.
  • Fill a clean spray bottle with white vinegar and spray down patio chairs and tables to remove dirt and mildew and help keep mold from forming. Give ants the boot by sprinkling coffee grounds near doorways and other entry points around your home.
  • Instead of tossing those old and outgrown flip flops, use them to prop open doors and let those summer breezes in.
  • Stuff laundry dryer sheets into cups and place them outdoors to keep pesky mosquitos from feasting on you and your guests. The scent from the dryer sheets masks the human scent that mosquito’s are attracted to.
  • Give sand the brush off with baby powder. Sprinkle it over your sweaty, sand-covered skin before getting in the car or house. The baby powder not only will absorb excess moisture but make the sand easier to brush off.
  • Make kiddie pools a little less slippery by adhering bathtub appliques to the bottom.
  • Keep tents and sleeping bags fresh and must-free when not in use with cat litter. Simply pour some into an old sock, tie the end, and stick it into the sleeping bag or tent. You also can store it for future use.
  • On your next camping trip, store toilet paper in a clean, empty coffee can to keep it dry during rainy weather.

Planning to go away this summer or fall? If so, and you have a storage tank water heater, get someone to keep an eye on your house for you just in case your water heater springs a leak. Show that person where the water heater and main water shut off valves are located so they can stop the leak and help prevent any serious water damage. You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind while you’re gone, and be far less likely to return to a watery mess.

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