How to Prepare for Outdoor Craft Making

Engaging your kids in the art (and science?) of craft making definitely has its rewards, but also can have its drawbacks.  And yet the bulk of those can be minimized with a little advance preparation and planning.

Let’s have a go at it, shall we?

Save your recycling: There are so many crafts that start with the instruction to get a bunch of cardboard toilet paper rolls, an old tissue box, milk jugs, or an empty oatmeal cylinder, why not save them as you go so?  That way, you’ll be ready when it times to make anything from paper princesses, toy trains, birdhouses, or even flying unicorns. Instructions are easy to find online, and this helps make the project both inexpensive and a good lesson on reusing!

Work area preparation:  The dollar store sells plastic table clothes and rolls of brown paper. Either can make a great drop cloth for the picnic table. They can also be hung on a fence to protect from water gun painting projects, water balloon splatter painting, or just to create a vertical easel to let your kids bring out their inner Picasso. Press-n-seal paper can also be useful when kids will be moving things around a lot, like rolling out clay or Playdoh Just stick it to the table, and easily peel it up again when you’re through.

Get those kids ready: Kids’ sleeves always unroll, proof positive of the existence of gravity.  And yet that same gravitational pull always seems to result in not-so-adorable finger prints on their shirts. Try using a rubber band to hold their sleeves up by bunching the excess fabric together and wrapping the elastic around it like a hair tie. Also, placing a pile of baby wipes on the table helps make clean up that much easier.

Know where you want them:  During clean up you may want all the kids to get washed up right away. To keep the house from getting dirty, bring two beach pails outside – one for soapy water, and one to rinse. That keeps your faucets clean, it makes it much easier and faster to get your kids clean, too.

If you have a backyard built for fun and a reputation among neighborhood kids as “the place to hang out,” consider investing in an outdoor hot-and-cold water faucet to make clean up easier still and avoid a lot of unnecessary trips in and out of your house. To learn more or schedule installation, contact Plumbtastic today.  Your one source for all your home plumbing needs.

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