Why Does a Faucet Drip?

You hear it late at night as you try to fall asleep. Then again first thing in the morning. It might even take you out of sweet slumber at 3am or so, causing you to toss and turn in a futile attempt to drown out that unmistakable sound. Yes, the sound of a leaky faucet.

As bad as that can be, a leaky faucet is more than just an annoyance. One that drips every 2 seconds can waste nearly 1,500 gallons of water a year. That’s enough water to run a full dishwasher 180 times! Not to mention the fact that leaving a leaky faucet be quickly escalate from a simple, inexpensive fixe to a costly emergency repair.

However, before you head for the tools and your sink, it’s important to know what type of faucet you have and the cause of the leak. For example, compression faucets have washers and seals, whereas disc, cartridge, and ball style faucets are made with moving parts sealed by an O ring.

Here are the main reasons why a faucet might drip:

  • Worn out rubber washer – Every time you use your faucet, the washer is forced against the valve seat which, over time, can wear away at the rubber. A worn out rubber washer is one of the most common reasons for leaks around the spout. Replace the washer as soon as possible.
  • Improperly installed washer – If a recently installed faucet is leaking, the washer may have been improperly installed or may not be the right size.
  • The O ring – Over time, the O ring can become loose or worn resulting in leakage near the handle. Replacing the O ring should stop water from dripping.
  • Worn out seals – With constant usage, water sediment can accumulate in the inlets and outlets of faucets and cause the seals to wear out. If you clean those seals regularly but your faucet is still leaking, it’s probably time to replace them.
  • Corrosion in the valve seat – Water sediment can also result in valve seat corrosion which then leads to leaks around the spout. Once again, regular cleaning can forestall water leaks indefinitely.

Sometimes the issue is with the plumbing itself. Broken or cracked pipes or fittings can interfere with water pressure and cause leaks. In this case, a qualified plumber can check your water pipes and make the necessary repairs.

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