A Few Simple Ways to Conserve Water

You know what’s trendy?  Anything having to do with fashion, new styles of cuisine, video games, and even weight loss diets.  Some things, conversely, defy trendiness because they’re just that important.  Water conversation is one such example, especially here in Southern California.

Here are a few ways to reduce water consumption in your home; we hope you find them useful:

Multitask your water: Instead of using your water for only one thing, try washing two birds with one stone, or something like that.  For example, the next time you want wash your dog, pick a spot on the lawn that needs to be watered.  Or, when cleaning out your fish tank, reuse the nutrient rich water to water your non-edible plants.

Check for drips: Take the time to periodically check for leaks around the house, including around your water heater, behind your fridge, and near outside faucets.  A pool of water beneath or near your water heater, for one, indicated internal tank corrosion and, unless taken care of promptly, wore water will be wasted and the corrosion will continue unchecked.

Simply use less: Using less water can include shorter showers and using eco-friendly shower heads, but there are other ways to accomplish this goal. Instead of using your garbage disposal and running water, start composting. Garden composting saves water at the sink, requires less water-wasting fertilizers, and less garden watering. Washing your car at the carwash not only cuts back on home water usage, but it’s better for the environment. That’s because carwashes recycle water and prevent harmful soap chemicals from entering the public water system. Here are two more ways to conserve:  install aerators on all faucets and run your dishwasher only when it’s full.

Collect water: About to take a shower?  Not so fast!  First, grab a pail or spaghetti pot to collect the water that would otherwise be wasted while you wait for the water to get warm.  That way, you can use it later to wash your floor, water the plants, etc.

Dining out: Refrain from ordering water or simply tell your server “no thanks” unless you really plan to drink it.  And even if you do, tell your server not to fill your glass; you can always order more.  Same goes when pouring yourself a glass of water at home.

Here’s a concrete way to save water while showering:  replace your older showerhead with a modern, air-injected model.  Newer showerheads use only 2.5 gallons of water per minute compared to the 5.5 gallons that older models deliver.  But with air injection included, you’ll have all the water pressure you want, and all while conserving a ton of extra water.  Contact Plumbtastic today to learn more about new and creative shower head replacement options.

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