Most Clogged Drain Problems Can Be Prevented

Here comes your classic “good news, bad news” story, and let’s return to that fateful scene in the original Jurassic Park movie for the proper analogy.

Remember what Dr. Ian Malcolm, the mathematician portrayed by Jeff Goldblum, said when he was told he dinosaurs couldn’t breed because they were all female? As one of the lab scientists explained, that feat was accomplished by turning off the genes that allow dinosaurs to generate male-producing hormones. Not impressed by their theory or practice, Dr. Malcolm famously implied: “Life will find a way.” And we all know how that turned out.

That brings us to your home drain lines. Whether they’re as old as dinosaurs, or newly installed, there’s PLENTY you can do to prevent them from clogging. But even with the most meticulous of care, drain clogs can and do happen.

Still, let’s take the positive road for now and share with you a few of the most common reasons for clogged drains, and what you can do to help prevent such messy nuisances.

  1. Grease and other heavy liquids– Did you ever see what happens to bacon grease or turkey fat – just as two examples – if you don’t promptly clean up after a meal? Quicker than you can say “leftovers, anyone?”, they can harden and resist all attempts to wash them down the drain. But guess what? Even if you do clean your pots and pans minutes after cooking, grease, fat, and cooking oils can cling to the inside of your pipes and eventually cause an obstruction. Just to play it safe, pour all such liquids into a disposable container and throw them out with the trash.
  1. Paper – Here’s a great idea: instead of recycling your newspapers, why not just flush them down the toilet? Because that would be a crazy thing to do, right? Of course it would. And yet, whether you mean to or not, you’re kind of doing the same thing if you or other family members attempt to flush any paper other than toilet paper down the toilet. Everything else belongs in the trash since only toilet paper is designed to dissolve in water.
  1. Toys, jewelry and other trinkets – You wouldn’t believe what plumbers sometimes find as the cause of a clogged drain. And the usual suspects? You got it: your kids, capable (for entirely their own reasons) of flushing just about anything. So for the sake of your own sanity and unnecessary plumbing bills, keep your bathroom doors securely closed when small children are not in sight.

And now for an example of a drain problem that most people never see coming: the kind caused by tree or shrub roots infiltrating your drain pipes and forming a considerable blockage. In that instance, not only do you have a clogged drain pipe to contend with, but one with a crack that needs to be repaired. That too can be prevented, but that’s a Plumbtastic blog for another day.

In the meantime, should a drain clog and back up in your home, just pick up the phone and call Plumbtastic Plumbing & Rooter. We’ve drain clearing experts and, large or small, we’re ready to tackle the problem to your complete satisfaction.

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