Bathroom Safety Tips in Mentone and Oak Glen

The Center for Disease Control reports that over 70% of accidents in the home occur in the bathroom. That’s over 200,000 non-fatal accidents per year!

Slipping, sliding and banging onto floors is no laughing matter, and much less so for the elderly or those with special needs. And while seniors are, in fact, most susceptible to injuries that occur in the bathroom, younger folks and teens are certainly not immune. All it takes is one misplaced step, a little soap in the eye, or a missed grab and suddenly, it’s a trip to the emergency room!

Statistics show about 81% of bathroom injuries are caused by falls, and that

women were more likely to be hurt in bathroom accidents than men. Research also shows two-thirds of all injuries occurred in the tub or shower, though only 2.2% occurred while getting into the shower or tub.

Bathroom injuries caused by electricity is another major issue. Let’s face it, wet floors, tubs, showers and bodies do not mix well with electricity! And when you place blow dryers, curling irons and other electrical devices close to water, the risk for electric shock is can be, well, shockingly acute! So what can you do to help reduce the risk of injury and protect you and your family in the most dangerous room in your home?

Start by following these safety tips:

  • Install grab bars for greater ease of gripping.
  • Add a seat in your shower as one more way to help prevent falls.
  • Replace your showerhead with a handheld, adjustable model which allows family members to shower without having to move around which, in turn, helps prevent someone from losing their balance.
  • Add a toilet seat extender to achieve proper toilet height and minimize the risk of falls when sitting down on or getting up from the toilet.
  • Add slip-resistant mats and rugs inside and outside tubs and showers. Also consider installing textured flooring.
  • Install GFIC outlets to replace your existing outlets to help prevent electric shock and electrocution.

Here at Plumbtastic, there’s a great deal we can do to enhance the safety of any bathroom in your home. Contact us today for more information and an, personalized quote.

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