House Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore in Grand Terrace and Rialto

Chances are, you probably hear a myriad of noises in your home on any given day. Some are pleasant, like the sound of coffee percolating first thing in the morning, or the sound of the garage door opening letting you know that a family has arrived home safely. Other noises, however, can be considerably less than comforting.

While it’s common for a house to make a certain amount of noise – like those associated with foundation settling, or building materials expanding and contracting – others could be telling you that something is wrong. To help you decipher what’s normal and what’s not, here are 4 noises that should never be ignored.

  1. Scratching – Unless you have a pet that is begging to go out, you really don’t want to hear scratching behind walls. And if you do hear it, you definitely want to act on it ASAP. You could have mice, squirrels, and even raccoons making themselves comfortable in your home. If you suspect mice, set up mouse traps. For larger critters, you might want to call a professional.
  1. Running Water – If no one in your home is using water, the sound of water dripping, running through plumbing pipes, or toilets flushing might indicate a loose or broken fixture or a damaged pipe. Unless you can pinpoint the source of the problem and are pretty experienced with plumbing, your best bet is to call a plumber.
  1. Clanking – When you first turn the heat on in the fall, it’s common for your furnace to moan and groan as it revs up after several months of hibernation. However, if you hear clicking and clanking noises from the furnace at any point during heating season, it could be a sign that your furnace might need to be serviced – or even replaced.
  1. Bubbling or Cracking – If you have a traditional tank-style hot water heater, pay attention to the sound of bubbling or cracking. It might mean that sediment has built up in the bottom, which can and often does cause premature system failure. You can help prevent sediment build-up by having the storage tank flushed out at least once a year.

At Plumbtastic, we can help prevent all kinds of strange noises – along with all the problems they signal or can later create – with our annual whole-house plumbing inspection service. That allows us to catch small problems before they get anywhere close to becoming a major repair. That, in turn, can save you a bundle of money while helping to keep your plumbing running better, lasting longer, and providing you and your family with added safety. For more information or to schedule a plumbing inspection of your own, contact Plumbtastic today.

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