Garbage Disposal Warning Signs in Muscoy and Devore

Your garbage disposal plays a unique role in your home. It devours what no one else wants: food scraps and leftovers left too long in the fridge. Definitely not a glamour job.

Which is precisely why you’re grateful when your garbage disposal performs well, and somewhat grossed out, perhaps, when it doesn’t.

As people who are frequently called in to clean up and repair such messes, believe us, we get it.

Still, and unpleasant as it might be, it’s important to know that your garbage disposal is more than capable of clogging up. Equally important, we want to share with you the most common indications that such a clog has occurred:

“Pipe down!”

When your garbage is making a lot more noise than usual, it probably means that food is not being fully or adequately ground up.

“Now isn’t that special.”

Another clear indicator of a clog is when food byproducts remain around the mouth of your disposal after you’ve shut it off. What it can’t grind down, it often spits back up.


Your garbage disposal is also more than capable of stinking up your kitchen, to be perfectly blunt about it. What you’re actually smelling is rotting food from inside the garbage disposal itself or the drain pipe connected to it.

The good news is that there’s often a simple remedy to clearing up a clogged garbage disposal on your own. Click here to learn how.

If the problem persists, or it’s one you just don’t care to tackle on your own, then waste no time in calling the plumbing professionals at Plumbtastic! We service and repair all makes and models and usually have the right parts already on our trucks to help us complete the job that much faster. So if you currently have a “whole lotta nothin’” properly grinding up in your garbage disposal, Plumbtastic is ready to help.

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