Home Gas Connections in Redlands & Yucaipa

Does the green living bug keep biting you when you least expect it?

Don’t worry, it’s a common affliction with very distinctive symptoms: a continued push for smarter use of our natural resources, reduced energy consumption, and lower energy costs for the green conscious home and business owners alike.

Which is to say, you’re far from alone, with more and more people getting bitten, and loving it, daily.

Well, today, we’d like to point out one obvious and practical way to take green living one or more giant steps forward in your home, and that’s by converting your electrical appliances to natural gas.

For starters, the less electricity you consume, the lower our dependency on foreign sources of oil as oil is used to help generate electricity. Closer to home, it’s cheaper to operate gas than electric appliances: about 75% cheaper for gas vs. electric water heaters.

Here are some additional advantages of switching to gas appliances and having more gas connections inside and outside your home:

  • Gas stoves provide more accurate cooking temperatures, which is why all the tops cooks and chefs cook with gas
  • Gas emits less heat than electricity which means less heat in your kitchen if you switch to both a gas dishwasher and stove
  • The average household can save about $200 per year when you switch to a gas water heater
  • Gas clothes dryers are faster and waste less energy than electric models
  • 90% of all gas consumed in the U.S. is home grown, and that’s a plus for our economy
  • You’ll reduce your carbon footprint by about 30% if you switch all your appliances to gas
  • If you are thinking about switching to gas, have a gas line installed outdoors, too, so you can do away with your propane tank and never have to worry about running out of gas again during a barbecue

At Plumbtastic, we are highly trained and experienced in adding new gas connections to your home, and that’s important because not all plumbers are experts in this field. For maximum energy savings, convenience, and safety, we invite you to contact Plumbtastic for all your gas conversion needs.

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